Power of Patience

Our ever leftward moving society is addicted to “now.”. We have credit cards so we can but it now, car companies that finance so we can drive it home now, fast food companies so that we can eat now. We fall victim to get rich quick schemes and even get upset if it takes over an hour to get our prescriptions from a cvs store.
We know that Freedom’s enemy loves to exploit our weaknesses, and so attacks this inability to be patient. The socialist movement in Washington DC has taken control of banks, under the guise of regulating them for our protection. Credit card companies were next on the list, for “unfair practices” where they did things that the terms and conditions of the credit card agreement allowed them to do.

People are, by nature, impatient. We want it now and with no consequences for getting it now, but it has started to take on a whole new level under the coming socialism. The old outcry said “We want it now!” Whereas the new outcry says “We’re entitled to have it now!”
Socialism and Communism thrive on the destruction of the private sector and the resurgence of the public sector. What better way than to force a field to provide its products or services as quickly as possible, regardless of ability to pay, then turn around and punish those same businesses when the customer is inconvenienced by having to pay. That is how we found ourselves in our housing market crash.

Develop patience and plan for consequences, as Sons and Daughters of Liberty.

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An Example of Passive Oppression

Our times have found us with a president that is, at best, radically socialistic and, at worst, a premature dictator. Two plans this week from the Obama Administration have an end result of oppression for the masses, though most passively.

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What is Freedom?

We speak of Freedom. We claim the inheritance of Liberty that Freedom’s Creator has provided for us, but what is freedom?

Action without Consequence is what some would answer, but that is unnatural in design. One only needs to try to break the laws of physics to show that actions have consequences. If the same One responsible for physics’s laws created Freedom and grants us rights, then the realm of freedom must parallel the rest of Creation.

A society that can act of its own accord is indeed free, but there must be rule of law; any society without codified laws resorts to a basic law of “Might makes Right” or rule by strength. In such an anarchistic society, only the strong are free, the weak are as oppressed as any socialistic society. Freedom is crushed as easily by lack of law as by overaction of law.

To protect the weak from oppression our Founding Fathers, from whom we gain ability to strive for and protect rights granted by Freedom’s Creator, made a society in which our rule of law protected each of us from one another and from the rule of law itself. It is through that protection that we, the Sons and Daughters of Liberty, can provide our needed responsibility required by each right.

That provision of Responsibility for Rights is Freedom and we can only achieve that through due diligence in our lives to preserve our Constitution from the very people promising us a sedate and entitled life through Governmental Involvement.

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Glenn Beck Answers Freedom’s Call

Last night, Glenn Beck of Fox News, a centrist news organization in a sea of the socialistic media, aired a special on the history of the progressive movement, including connection to Marx, Hitler and a score of history’s oppressive, murderous tyrants.

We, the Sons and Daughters of Liberty, wholly support Glenn Beck in this push to expose our enemies and fight for freedom.

Below are the clips of the show, borrowed from a unoffical ally, but excellent blog, The Blogmocracy.

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Principled Vs. Unprincipled

The Conservative movement is one founded on Principle. Anyone can move with the tide, but only a Conservative can stand strong in the fiercest of waves.

Many in this age believe they are beyond Principle, or that dropping all principles in pursuit of a political win is a just cause. However, this line of thinking leads us all to our current condition: Democrats and Republicans, equally corrupt and able to swap parties with no changes in personal views.

Gone are the days when policy or conviction matter, though the terms are still thrown around like a gnarled up frisbee, to be fetched once more by the adoring family dog.

We commonly blame politicians for this condition, particularly those on the other side of the aisle, but that is not the root cause.

We are the ones that elect our leadership; we and no other. While we speak of keeping true to our convictions, we give up on them while we vote.

Our leaders are the people we elect. We must then be, more fiercely than ever, a strong and stable rock in the political rapids.

While it is foolish to expect total agreement on all issues, agreement on three issues make the rest irrelevant: A small government, a static interpretation of our Constitution and a federal government accountable to us.

With these three, we can claim our responsibility, live our freedom and preserve our union.

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Liberty Dies as Congress Grows

Our Congress recognizes no limit to its authority.  There is a process by which Congress can gain power for the Federal Government, through a Constitutional Amendment, which gets passed by Congress and ratified by each state.  Today’s Congress believes that they are too important to be burdened with Constitutional limits and procedures.  The healthcare bill passed even though it did not meet Congress’ rules for bill passage.  Congress has spent trillions of dollars without any checks or balances and has taken away our ability to provide healthcare for ourselves.

Our only hope is to demand Constitutionally aware and observing Congressmen, starting now.

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Principle Vs. Practical

A Son or Daughter of Liberty knows what our ideal government should be. We know the limits of local, state and federal governments. We believe that Principles, like granite floor tiles, only serve you when you stand on them. However, we also recognize that our country has moved so far away from the ideal that it is not practical to strive for the end game from the start.

We do not mean compromise; we do not mean hidden agendas. We mean to lay out a plan to rebuild the country taken from us, brick by brick.  Over the coming weeks, we will lay forth plans for our practical retake of this country,  to return it to our Founding Fathers’ intent.  As with construction of any structure, we start with the bottom and work our way up.

Any good building is built upon a good foundation, and our foundation must be the principle of responsibility. Responsibility for oneself to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

When we are weak, when we refuse to take Responsibility for our provisions, we invite an always-willing government to provide for us. Each time we allow another to provide, we gain dependence, which is the death of freedom.

Dependence leads to obligation; obligation, requirement; requirement, oppression.

Do not miss the signs, these are not Liberty’s birth paings, but her death throes.

The practical application of the Principle of Responsibility is to refuse handouts from our government and resist what seems to be “free” aid paid for by others.  The money given by such government programs is not done voluntarily from the sources of revenue.    It is, instead, taken by threat of force from those who achieve.  If help must be accepted, accept it only from private charities and private citizens.  Once you are no longer in need of help, give back to these private charities and private citizens.  The Responsible Free Man or Woman repays help in kind, for it is in repayment of help that we foster personal responsibility and independence from the Government in others.

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Our Pledge

We are the Sons and Daughters of Liberty. Our cause is Just, Right and True.

Prudence requires an anonymous nature, but fear of Tyranny does not stay our hands or our voices.

Our Pledge is simple and pure:

I will defend the Constitution, held dear as family, with my wealth, health and very sacred honor. Its precepts, not the apathetic greed of an easy life, will guide me and my ways.

To that end, and for that cause, I will resist the temptations of those who would give us the sweet words of an easy life, which only lead to the bitter fruit of tyranny, and instead hold true to the rule of freedom, for as long as Freedom’s Creator allows.

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Today We Begin

Today is the start of a new movement.  We are the Sons of Liberty.  As for our forefathers, we exist to seek freedom that Lady Liberty may live forever on our shores. 

This is the year the change will begin.  We have a new year and it is an election year.  This year, more than any previous, we have the chance to remake our country.  Will we take that opportunity?  Can we?

We will no longer be silent.  We will no longer be passive.  We will no longer be submissive.  We will no longer accept oppression.

We are Free Men and Women of the United States of America.

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